Generate Android Bundle (.aab file) for a Cordova app

Cordova 8.1+ supports generating Android Bundle (.aab file). Usually cordova generates an .apk file for your app. Playstore often warns about .apk file about it’s bloated size.

To generate an .aab file, add --packageType=bundle option to your cordova build command.

cordova build android --release -- --packageType=bundle

Signed bundles

Here is the command I use to generate a singed bundle.

cordova build android --release  -- --keystore=~/keystore/dilawar.jks --storePassword=$(KEYSTORE_PASSWORD)  --alias=dilawar --password=$(KEYSTORE_PASSWORD)  --packageType=bundle --webpack.mode=production

The old way to generate bundle

See the discussion here. And feature request here .

These instructions were posted here They worked for me.

  1. Launch Android Studio
  2. Go To Import Project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc).
  3. Select Android platform directory in your project (/platforms/android).
  4. Wait for finish the Sync
  5. Go to Build > Generate Sign Bundle
  6. Complete sign data
  7. Upload de .aab file generated (in path /platforms/android/outputs/

I did not find any significant reduction in the app size when using the .aab format (signed bundle). My app was reduced from 6.8MB to 6.5MB :neutral_face:

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