fd is an awesome replacement of find command

Recently, I came across fd command. It is written in Rust and suppose to replace find command.

fd is amazing, PERIOD. It has much better user experience. Check out the official demo below,


My pet peeve with find command is not that it has too many options, but that these options are hard to figure out. I don’t use find so often to build a muscle memory. So a simpler version is most welcome.

To give one particular example, yesterday I wanted to know the list of sub-directories I’ve touched 2 days ago. I played with -mmin and -mtimes options and got lost. With fd, I could just do the following

$ fd --changed-within 2d

Do I need to say more?

tldr fd


  An alternative to find.
  Aims to be faster and easier to use than find.
  More information: https://github.com/sharkdp/fd.

  - Find files matching the given pattern in the current directory:
    fd pattern

  - Find files that begin with "foo":
    fd '^foo'

  - Find files with a specific extension:
    fd --extension txt

  - Find files in a specific directory:
    fd pattern path/to/dir

  - Include ignored and hidden files in the search:
    fd --hidden --no-ignore pattern

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