IIT Bombay DC-Hub Network and Hub’s IP Address

Most likely all of the links mentioned on hub-list page are now dead.
If there are lot of enlightened (and pervert) users over LAN then there would definitely be some Direct Connection (DC) hubs. And IIT Bombay is no exception. DC-hubs are maintained by undergraduate students. They download and share most of the data. I am greatly thankful to them for sharing latest animated movies etc. They have the enthusiasm and energy of young.
There is no fixed IP scheme for these hubs. When a new hub is created, it is usually assigned a new ip-address according to the whims of its creator. Therefore, there are no standard addressing scheme for hubs besides 10...*. The digit which follows the 10 is usually hostel number, but I wouldn’t count on it.
This link claims to maintain currently active hubs. I have also started keeping ips of hub-list. See this page for hub-list.
To browse these hubs, one uses  open-dc clients. For windows, there are many such applications as opendc, dcplusplus etc (ask your neighbor.). For Linux users, at least following applications are available.

  • linuxdcpp – Sometimes this application hangs, slows down the system and refuses to start. But works well most the of the time. It’s been around for a long time on Linux. Available in Ubuntu repositories.
  • valknut – User-interface is not great but it is lightweight and never hangs. Available in Ubuntu repositories. A great tool indeed. I will not slow down your system. Downside, not a great user interface.
  • Eisalktdcpp – It is under-development and cross platform. It slows down the system significantly but it has many features e.g. scripting. Available in Ubuntu repositories. UPDATE It is working fine now on my Ubuntu machine. I have been using it for two-months and have given up the idea of modifying microdc2 for personal use. Eisalktdcpp is great and perhaps the best-bet around. You can also enable spy-mode to see what people are searching.
  • microdc2 – For command line junkies. You can get a fork from my github. Irritating user-status are not printed in console in this fork. Also available in official Ubuntu repositories.


  • There should not be any need to do port forwarding or proxy. Just add hubs in fav hubs list, and provide proper nick, ip address, download, share and temp directory. If you are using linuxdcpp then settings are equivalent to strongdc of windows. Hope it helps.

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